The Best in Bowling Begins with AMF

Throw your hands in the air-you just bowled a strike.

Everyone has their own special way to celebrate. Some moonwalk. Some fist-bump. Some perform a jumping windmill high-five (which we don't recommend unless you're an expert). And others engage in an impromptu laneside end-zone dance that's all their own.

Whatever your post-roll ritual, you'll find no better place to display it than the AMF Bowling Co. AMF is the largest owner and operator of bowling alleys in the world. If you've visited a bowling alley somewhere on planet earth, chances are you've bowled with AMF. Bowling is our business and we've been taking care of business since the 1940s. A lot has changed since then (like live-tweeting your game, automatic scoring, and posting your bowling photos to your Instagram-or ours), but what hasn't changed is our commitment to fun. We live fun. Every day. On the lanes. And we want you to feel that feeling every time you pick up a ball; every time you approach the foul line; every time a friend gives you a high-five and says, "You're Up."


Whether you're hosting a birthday, trying to arrange the perfect sweet sixteen, looking to throw the best bachelor/ette party ever, or planning the ultimate corporate event, AMF remains the go-to spot for all your celebratory moments. We're on a mission to bring world-class fun to everyone in the USA-from high rollers to non-bowlers to gutter ball queens alike-and we're not stopping until everyone gets to experience the fun for themselves, on the lanes and in person. Stop by any of our more than 240 locations across America, put on your bowling shoes, grab a ball, and rediscover the fun, the excitement, and the sheer joy of bowling with your friends and family. The pins are set and waiting. You're Up.